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Design and installation of utility systems

With us, you will always succeed. We find and implement the most suitable solutions for the customer.


Water supply




External utility lines

The utility systems of buildings are crucial for achieving the required indoor climate in the building. Their design and construction require elaborate knowledge and experience of legislation, standards, materials, and tools. It was not easy to achieve, but it was possible.

For the purpose of achieving the final goal necessary for the customer, we have all the necessary equipment and skills for different stages of the final solution:

  • before designing of utility systems we help the contracting authority/architect to find the necessary REQUIREMENTS FOR UTILITY SHAFTS, UTILITY CORRIDORS AND UTILITY ROOMS
  • we calculate in the dynamic method the ENERGY LOSSES of the building and provide recommendations to reduce them. For that purpose, we use a validated program environment  IDAICE  
  • we demonstrate compliance with the minimum energy performance requirements in accordance with the law and issue and enter in the register THE ENERGY PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATE 
  • DESIGNS are performed in a 3-D MODEL, which corresponds to the model design standards  BIM  of the buildings and allows to eliminate the errors prior to the start of construction, The program environment is MAGICAD 
  • we perform  BUILDING of utility systems 
  • we CHECK AND LOG  information at startup of systems, and in the warranty period

In addition to the existing buildings, we offer:

  • ENERGY AUDITS in a dynamic and static method, in accordance with applicable requirements and regulations
  • THERMOGRAPHY in accordance with the standard or the individual wishes of the contracting entity
  • CLEANING AND WASHOUT of the utility systems. We have unique ventilation pipe cleaning apparatus

In cases where the works are carried out by another partner, we can contribute by providing an OWNER SUPERVISION service. This ensures that the customer gets what they ordered. Errors are detected and corrected in a timely manner, and the work will be properly documented

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The team is composed of talented professionals, as demonstrated by our experience and references. We are oriented to the end result desired by the customers. Our clients do not need incomplete solutions.


We have the experience of a team that is to be proud of. Our customers are satisfied, and their expectations have been met. We are there for them also in the future.