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About the company

Our customers do not have to worry. They have found the best partner who is always there.

The company deals with construction and design of utility systems of buildings, and the related support services. The background of the core team is strongly associated with the field of particular works of AS Skanska, who has exited the Estonian market. From there, we have derived our essential values: occupational safety, integrity, quality. So it is possible in the long term to solve the customer’s complex projects professionally.


The successful partnership of Maru Ehitus with 1Kelvin began on the renovation of the Tallinn post office building. Successful completion of this complex work with a busy schedule was followed by a number of new cooperation projects. I dare to recommend 1Kelvin if a reliable and professional partner is sought.

TÕNU KULL, AS Maru Ehitus, Chairman of the Management Board

A capable and professional co-operation partner with a flexible approach!

TOOMAS ALLE, NCC Ehituse AS, Chairman of the Management Board

On the basis of the experience of Skanska, I can say that in the team of 1Kelvin are working skilled professionals who may be entrusted with the design and construction of the particular parts of complex objects.

ANDRES AAVIK, Skanska AS, Chairman of the Management Board

History of Kelvin

December 2016Annual sales of over 8.5 million euro achieved
January 2016Business relocation to the new office, Männiku tee 104
December 2015Annual sales of over 4.5 million euro achieved
August 2014The first public procurement won
July 2014The first construction project outside Estonia
June 2014Extension of the circle of owners on the basis of the key employees of the company
January 2014A new level of design. Investments in the field of energy efficiency and model design. Energy simulations and feasibility calculations
December 2013Annual sales of over 2.5 million euro achieved
March 2013The first completed construction project
December 2012Annual sales of over 1.5 million euro achieved
September 2012The first contracts for construction sites
September 2012Creation of the brigades of workers and the tool park and adjustment of the operating system
September 2012As a result of the closure of the field of specialized works of Skanska AS, 8 employees join the company. The primary focus moves to HVAC construction
January 2010Creation of OÜ 1Kelvin. The operation begins in the field of energy efficiency in buildings and HVAC

Our team

The team is composed of talented professionals, as demonstrated by our experience and references. We are oriented to the end result desired by the customers. Our clients do not need incomplete solutions.


We have the experience of a team that is to be proud of. Our customers are satisfied, and their expectations have been met. We are there for them also in the future.